Lele Pons feat. Susan Díaz & Victor Cardenas - Volar (Official Music Video)


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Sabes que amarme siempre ha sido solo un juego
Dices te quiero y no te creo
Porque lo nuestro nunca ha sido amor del bueno
Solo me se sufrir
Piensas que yo camino en tu veneno
Pero olvidas que no camino
Que yo he aprendido a volar
Volar volar
Que no camino
Que yo he aprendido a volar
No serás mi adicción
Porque sola estoy mejor
Fuiste estrella fugaz
Piensas que yo camino en tu veneno
Pero olvidas que no camino
Que yo he aprendido a volar
Volar volar
Que no camino
Que yo he aprendido a volar
Y volar
Sola sin ti yo aprendí a volar
Aprendí a volar
Aprendí a volar
Lele Pons (Lele Pons)
Susan Diaz
Victor Cardenas
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@Anwar Jibawi
@Awkward Puppets
@Benny the Bee
@Delaney Glazer
@Hannah Stocking
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  • Lele Pons
    Lele Pons10 muaj më parë

    LIKE the video and I commenting back all day today! What is your favorite part?

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    skyler - somatra

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    Roney Iswadi

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    All of the part

  • Neisha Samaroo
    Neisha Samaroo42 minuta më parë

    - 2021

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    Slick PlayzOrë më parë

    I’m Spanish I know English

  • Dona Channelx
    Dona Channelx16 orë më parë

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    Nalyana Perry4 ditë më parë

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    Nalyana Perry4 ditë më parë

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    Katherine Meyers5 ditë më parë

    Lele is so F*@#^ing pretty

  • Isaac Vargas Abreu
    Isaac Vargas Abreu5 ditë më parë

    Excelente video, desde Cartagena, Colombia.

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    Yugvijay7 ditë më parë

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    Lowri Akers7 ditë më parë

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    Colin Duerden7 ditë më parë

    I have no idea what you was saying I'm English only lol

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    Thea's Production17 ditë më parë

    Hi Lele, I’m one of your biggest fans,! I listen to your songs everyday. Me and my parents are from Singapore and I want to be the first Spanish singer just like you. I’m 8 years old and I want to say thank you for bringing me so much joy with your songs. I wish one day I can sing to you

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