I'm My Own Worst Enemy | The Secret Life of Lele Pons


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After years of self reflection and therapy, Lele takes full responsibility and owns up to a big mistake that cost her a friendship and almost her career. Opening up about the pain from that situation and the lessons learned, Lele continues to work through her mental health treatments and commitment to getting better each day. During this humbling process, Lele finds hope in a new friendship with Comedian/TV Host, Howie Mandel, who not only shares similar mental health struggles but is an inspiration and example of how coping with these conditions is not only possible but shows you can be highly successful in doing so.
If you or someone you know needs help, find resources in your area from the International OCD Foundation: iocdf.org/?s=+&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_provider&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_clinic&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_support_group&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_program&search-type=provider
Produced by: Shots Studios
Directed by: Alicia Zubikowski


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