Little Red Riding Hood's Untold Story | Lele Pons & Rudy Mancuso


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    Well I accept I'm dumb please can anyone say what character red riding hood became in the end ?!

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    EVeRyONe CaLLs mE pEPe

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    If he said my nose grows when I tell the truth he could get away with it

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    The ending- 😂

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    WTF.The grandma is weird

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    tbh u looked pretty as a witch :D

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    I am watching this in 2021

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    hansle and gretal!!!!!

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    2:58 who saw the kiss mark on his neck

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    Dorthy was ...dumb wuht

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    This made me laugh so freaking hard🤣🤣🤣

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    “ get out! get out! oohhhhhh child “ My favorite part

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    2:15 Midari enters the chat

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    It is like a parody version of LET ME TELL YOU A STORY

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    Those kids are great actors

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    lol Lele at the end love you

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    hi guys im from 2021

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    I saw a phone on the scene that red met the pigs the left one

  • KMG Family With Morris
    KMG Family With Morris23 ditë më parë

    I saw a phone on the scene that red met the pigs

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    POV: U saw this video a few years ago and you just realized now that the girl as little red riding hood is lele pons

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    Pov:you thought to recieve 1m likes

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    At 3:34 hahaha

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    hannah’s just over here vibing with nike socks as Dorothy

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    lele:hi im little red riding hood subtitles:im literate writing but

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    I love how penokeo is so dum and the wolf is so crazy


    then who is lele pons mom

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    Dorothy just shows us: HI

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    Nice video

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    this is bomb

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    That was a good video

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    There is always something in the end and who still watch 2020 coment down below 2020 if you watch this in 2020

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    this is great💯🖒

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    I look like Little red riding Hood I actually really really do

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    *I'm dOrOtHy* Where the actual fuck did she just come from--

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    I love that Hannah was Dorthy

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    Lele: Hi my name is Red Riding Hood but people call me Red Rudy: Hi i am pinocioe but people call me PP *akwared silence*

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    " Child." " Ooh child." " It's my cheat day child." Me every time she said child: BAHAHAHAHAHA-

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    But the little girl who acted deserves an oscar

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    So who's the wolf 🤔

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    A wolf thats good instead of bad

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    *ItS mY cHeAt DaY cHiLd LeT mE bE*

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    I had seen this video such a long time ago and today my teacher asked us to create a new story out of my imagination and I have nun so I just use inspiration from this and well it worked she accepted it 😂

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    Who remembers when they use to be friends!🎉❤️❤️❤️❤️I miss that friend ship I am talking about Rudy Manciuso and I love u leele

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    2:58 is that a hickey?😂

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    From tiktok

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    The grandmother looks like avani

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    When the wolf said you took my cubs there actually called pups.

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    Dude she said it’s my cheat day child😂😂😂 4:10

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