Terrible High School Teacher | Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi


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    I'm new here.. heard alot of stuff.. good and Bad.but idc... this girl is funny. So keep up the goodness.

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    Anyone know the song name at the end of the video

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    I need the song

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    I love how it took over an hour to film the teachers break 😂😂

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    In my school there’s the Satan Strict one The fun one And the one who’s always pregnant

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    As the class president I will not let you :Me replying do what?

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    "Whoever wins gets an A"

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    Guys i really lought when he said you dont even look like a bully

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    Wait,Diamond got an F but the nerds get an A+? I tought Diamond was smartest!

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    Man this is actually funny

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    "Hey detention" me laughing at the little boy that is smart because he was also laughing

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    The teachers lounge lol

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    The sports teacher is a teacher of sports but he can’t do push-up so hilarious

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    1:05 I- swear I saw Kim kardhashain I’m so confused

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    Spence i just got engaged Me:WHO is it? **Shows lele** Me:I want a teacher like this now

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    I wish we had this kind of teacher we would have fun

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    This is real life nothing is different compared to my school

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    That thang went like Fio it was only loud to me like he said and they gone make you break to momma heart but any body want some Cheetos

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    He do not know how to do a push up

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    I wish lele was my teacher

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    Take a look at 1:51

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    I'm surprised that I used to watch this and thought it was funny

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    "I'm more man than my daddy I'm man I'm smarter than my daddy I'm smart"

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    This is the best teacher in the world

  • Emmanuella Agbenyegah
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    This is the best teacher in the world

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    The bully when the nerds are about to kiss:😃

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    Omg you are just like me if I was a teacher lol and I love the twist at the ending to ❤️

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    sign me up for this High School!

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    3:20 3:21 calm down humping the air is a sport👍🏽

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    I actually tell my students that if they're going to fight they'd better let me watch and bleed or not fight at all 😂😂😂😂

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    this is funny but what is funny the most is when they fight outside of school is the nerds are on the right video taping it :>

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    funny movie

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    This whole video just reminds me of the movie bad teacher 😂

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    The class president: She's not a teacher. She leaves class before the students Me : really?! That's the reason ?!😑😑 B+tch please , I want a real reason 😂😂😂

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    3:17 what I would do but not to be with my enemies in one room

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    yowwww your ENTRANCE is sick

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    Class president is Tenya Iida vibes 😂

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    I love teachers they’re the best

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    تكفون احبها احبك

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